About Us

Now you can do all of that from home!

Just as the Internet revolutionized the way we access healthcare information, now telehealth is revolutionizing the way we access healthcare services. Founded in 2016, Nonagon is a telehealth company that enables patients to take medical exams remotely and connect with their doctor anytime, anywhere.

With Nonagon, physicians can provide an accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plan to their remote patients — reducing the need for in-clinic visits.

While in-person visits will always be relevant, remote visits are often the care of choice for various patient circumstances– allowing greater access without the limitations of travel, time or distance.

Nonagon allows patients to take their care into their own hands through a direct line of supervision and communication with their doctor. With FDA clearance and clinical validation, the Nogogan Care System is pioneering a new healthcare experience that meets patients’ whenever and wherever they have a need for care.

The Nonagon company has offices in Israel (HQ) and the United States.